AHCP Seminar Series: The Architecture of Affordability: The Role of Design in Addressing Toronto’s Housing Crisis

Affordable Housing Challenge Project is an initiative of the University of Toronto School of Cities. The AHCP collective brings together scholars from across the University of Toronto, who are researching issues related to housing affordability from different disciplinary perspectives, with the objective of working together to research, discuss and debate the causes, processes, policies and consequences of declining housing affordability.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020, 7:00-8:30pm
Via Zoom

Event Description:

What is the role of design in addressing Toronto’s housing crisis? On November 24th, Abi Bond, Kellie Chin and Daniel Ling will be discussing modular housing, shelter design, and the need for new approaches to affordable housing and shelter provision as the city enters the first winter of the COVID -19 pandemic.

One method for addressing this crisis in the near term is the city’s Modular Housing Initiative which will quickly build 1,000 new homes (at 11 Macey Avenue and 150 Harrison Street), specifically for those experiencing homelessness. Abi Bond, the Executive Director of the city’s Housing Secretariat and Daniel Ling of Montgomery Sisam Architects (the firm responsible for designing these two projects) will be discussing this initiative.

However, while producing long-term, stable and affordable housing is the primary task insofar as we are committed to ending our ongoing housing and evictions crises, COVID-19 has intensified conditions in Toronto’s shelters as more people are being evicted from their homes and shelters are required to minimize risks to occupants via social distancing. Kellie Chin, intern architect at WORKSHOP will elaborate on how design can contribute to solving these problems.

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