AHCP Seminar Series: Toronto’s 10-Year Housing Plan: Next Steps, New Strategies

Affordable Housing Challenge Project is an initiative of the University of Toronto School of Cities. The AHCP collective brings together scholars from across the University of Toronto, who are researching issues related to housing affordability from different disciplinary perspectives, with the objective of working together to research, discuss and debate the causes, processes, policies and consequences of declining housing affordability.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020, 7:30-9:30pm
JJR Macleod Auditorium, Room 2158
1 King’s College Circle, MS2 158

Event Description:

In December, the City of Toronto’s new ten-year housing strategy, HousingTO, was officially approved by city council. Join us for an evening primer and panel discussion on the potential this plan has for addressing the city’s increasingly dire affordable housing crisis. How does this plan depart from the city’s previous approaches? What are its objectives, its implementation strategies, and its limitations? And what is the broader context regarding governance and social mobilization that the plan is responding to, is structured by or is potentially blind to?


  • Cheryll Case, Founder and Principal Planner, CP Planning
  • Sean Meagher, Community Organizer and Coordinator, Convene Toronto
  • Diana Yoon, Community Organizer, Friends of ChinatownTO
  • Moderated by Alan Walks, Professor, Department of Geography and Planning, U of T

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